RCT1,2,3 & NoLimits Downloads 

Recommended Downloads

 Journey To Atlantis
RCT3 + Wild & Soaked Expansion Packs needed

The search has begun, can you find Atlantis? This time they are sending guests in a car and through the wrecks of Atlantis, be prepared to get wet. Try not to get disorientated when you go through parts of the building. Have fun!

Basic Test Results:--
Excitement rating: 5.89 (High)
Nausea rating: 5.55 (High)
Intensity rating: 3.58 (Medium)

Uploaded: Sunday 11th November 2012, 5:15PM UK Time
Download Type: Coasters


Volcanic Rush
RCT3 + Wild & Soaked Expansion Packs needed

Introducing you to the ultimate coaster based on Volcanic Activity called “Volcanic Rush”. This interesting but unique Coaster Design will make the guests in your park want to go back for more excitement, unless they have a Low Ride Intensity rate. Don’t be afraid to ride “Volcanic Rush”. 

As I say “Don’t be scared, be prepared”. For a closer glimpse of the coaster, 
have a look at the Screenshots.

CS Needed:---

- JCat’s Steelworx

Download:--- http://alanm4072.ucoz.com/load/rollercoaster_tycoon_3

- Triangular Supports

Download:--- Unknown Link. (I will place this Custom Scenery in with this upload as well).

Info:--- This is only used for the Entrance Billboard so this is not a vital piece to the upload.

Basic Test Results:---

Excitement Rating: 6.53 (High)

Intensity Rating: 6.63 (High)

Nausea Rating:  4.60 (Medium)

What you should know if downloaded: Once you selected the Coaster; Hold the (Shift) button on your keyboard whilst raising the height of the coaster.


Uploaded: Sunday 11th November 2012, 5:08PM UK Time
Download Type: Coasters

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